Juncta juvant -- Union is strength

Does this photo send chills up and down your spine?

Does it bring tears
to your eyes?

If so, you've come to the right place.

That's CP Ryan facing you,
and Joseph Hanley bringing in a new victim.

Was this face in your nightmares when you were a little boy?

In case you've burned the name out of your memory,
that's Lackie, AKA "Strappin' Lackie".
(It's a good thing, for both of us, that I didn't run across him when I was an adult who could fight back, not a little 3rd grader.)

This page is a placeholder for the full Briscoe Boys site after we get appropriate legal advice about what kinds of stories we can publish about the insane, brutal happenings at Briscoe in the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's and 1960's. (NOTE: the advice has caused me to let the SNAP discussion board be the venue for harrowing stories, etc.)

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I like the kid at the front corner desk. Nice tie. Probably got thrown out for punching out a brother, then became the CEO of a large corporation, an Army General, or a mafia boss. I recognize the split classrooms with the dividing doors and I certainly sat at one of those desks. Note how well dressed they were then -- in my days, 1940's, most kids were in rags. I still get a strange feeling of nostalgic dread when I look at this photo. -- Jerry

The above image is from the Catholic Northwest Progress, April 19, 1946. Does this speak to the proclivities of the brothers involved? Who am I to guess?

Used with permission of Monte Wolverton and caglecartoons.com

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